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A natural pool is the highlight of this design

A fantastic project we had the honour of working on in Switzerland. A natural pool was the centre of this design and creates a stunning feature. A family eating area with sun shade on an extended patio and a low level firepit both add amazing spaces to take in the surrounding landscape.


A sun shaded dining area creates a lovely space for the family to enjoy evening meals together, soaking in the evening sun and the surrounding scenery.

Using a sun shade with a retractable roof gives flexibility in terms of; sun shading, rain shelter, etc.

A natural pool was the main criteria we were given for this design. We decided to go for a long pool, utilising the length of the garden, with the natural filtration up against the boundary . 

Stone used to match the retaining walls creates a sense of continuity through the design aesthetic.

A natural pool is one in which chemicals are not used to filter the water. Instead, a second pool of water full of plants is used to filter the water through.


A natural area down the middle of the garden separates the zones, whilst adding an area of interest and drawing the eye into the middle of the garden.

White porcelain planks, to match the main patio, create a feature path leading to the steps down to the firepit.

A copper dished firepit on the lower level adds a metallic, rustic feel to an otherwise modern design and ties in with the beaten copper planter outside the house.


Free standing seating surrounding the firepit creates the perfect place to sit on an evening and admire the sunset.


A large beaten copper planter ties in with the copper firepit and the metallic edge to the design.

Behind this, we can see bamboo shoots acting as a wall covering to break up with concrete wall between the windows of the property.

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