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A natural design with traditional features

A house in Worcestershire with a garden full of natural elements, creating a truly beautiful space in which you can sit outside and enjoy nature on your doorstep. Plants and trees create a great habitat for wildlife, encouraging a garden that blooms.


A riven sandstone patio outside the house, creates an attractive seating and dining area, whilst also in keeping with the natural stone look of the walls and garden.

A curved retaining wall creates a stunning large planting space whilst blending in seamlessly with the gradient of the garden.

Hydrangea's placed in the bed add a nice contrast of colours to the planting bed.


A rockery planting space finishes off the patio area and adds a visual draw outside the windows of the dining area.

Raised planters in on the top tier of the garden are the perfect space for growing herbs and veg. The raised beds make these easy to maintain and gather without the need to constantly be bending down.


At the front of the property, the natural stone walls continue and come round into a large rounded planter which creates a perfect parking space. Over the parking space is a modern aluminium car port with clear roof.

Looking over the driveway is a garden building, which is from the road by the foliage but has a lovely view over the front of the property and top tier of the garden.

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