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Find the garden design packages that are right for you

We allow our clients to build the package that best suits you and your budget. Everybody's situation is different, and as such, you only have to pay for the features you require.


Here you can see the different garden design packages and add-on's we offer, and what they include.


If you require more information on our garden design packages, use the live chat function and we will answer all of your questions.


Standard Package

  • Our Complete Design Process

  • Material Specification Sheet

  • Material Buying Advice

  • Design Dimensions

  • Access to our Design Portal

  • Complete Pre-design Study

  • Full 3D Design Images

  • Virtual Walkthrough of Design

  • Discount with our trusted suppliers

  • Unlimited Design Revisions


Premium Package

Everything from Standard Package +​

  • Planting Plan

  • Plant Care Plan

  • Lighting Plan

  • Aftercare Service

  • Construction Management Service

  • Virtual Tour of Whole Design

  • 4K 360 Panoramic Tour of Design

Standard Package Add-on's

Lighting Plan

  • Get a complete lighting design to accompany your design. If you select our standard package, you are able to add the lighting plan on as an extra if you wish.

Planting Plan

  • Get a complete planting plan to accompany your design. If you select our standard package, you are able to add the planting plan on as an extra if you wish.

Plant Care Plan

  • Get a care guide to accompany your planting plan so you can care for your new garden year round. If you select our standard package, you are able to add the plant care plan on as an extra if you wish.

What exactly are these features?

  • Our Complete Design Process: This is our bespoke design process which we have tailored over time to make it perfect for you. You can read all about it here.

  • Material Specification Sheet: Complete with your new garden design will be the material specification sheet. This will detail what each material is that is included in the design so you or your landscaping contractor will know exactly what to order.

  • Material Buying Advice: Are you going to build the design yourself? Or do you want to purchase the materials for your contractor? Well it can be a daunting task; finding materials, finding reputable suppliers, ordering the right quantity, arranging delivery and making sure that you are ready when they are delivered. We will guide you through this whole process and show you that there is absolutely nothing to be anxious about.

  • Design Dimensions: To accompany your design will be the dimensions of the layout plan. This will detail the size of different areas and elements in the design so it can be handed to a contractor for estimation quotes to be given.

  • Access To Our Design Portal: Throughout the process of creating your perfect landscape design, we need your input to make sure we are getting things right. Our design portal is the perfect place for you to do that, allowing you personalized access to leave feedback and chat directly with us.

  • Complete Pre-design Study: Before starting your design, we will conduct a pre-design study. This includes the gathering and studying of historical data relating to the area of your property. This allows us to understand the weather patters, climate and sun exposure to allow us to make the correct design decisions to ensure you can enjoy your new garden design year round.

  • Full 3D Design Images: Photo-realistic 3D images detailing exactly how the design will look when it is completed. These allow you to get a real feel for the proportions of the design and how it will all come together.

  • Virtual Walkthrough Of The Design: A video walkthrough of the design from start to finish. This gives you chance to really experience how it will feel exploring your new garden.

  • Discount with our trusted suppliers: By working with us, you have access to our discount scheme with a range of suppliers, including; lighting, outdoor kitchens, materials, etc. You can enjoy up to 35% off items, making the implementation of your design more affordable.

  • Unlimited Design Revisions: So you've got your final design and the job is finished. But, a few weeks later you have had a slight change of heart and want to change part of the design. No problem, just get back in touch with us and we will amend the design so that it is perfect for you, completely free of charge!

  • Complete Planting Plan: Our planting plan will detail what plants you can buy and where to plant them. Want a low maintenance garden? Or one that is blooming with colour through the summer months? No problem, your planting plan will cover this.

  • Planting Care Plans: So you've got your planting plan, now what? Well you will need to look after them. Whether this is just a water every now and then, or if you need to prune them regularly. Our care plans will tell you how to look after your new garden and keep it looking great all year round.

  • Lighting Plan: You have your new garden but you want to be able to enjoy it year round. We will develop a complete lighting plan to accompany your landscape design and produce images to show you exactly how it will look when the sun goes down.

  • Aftercare Service: Not only do we give you the planting plans and care plans, you will also have the opportunity to contact us with any question you may have about your design. Whether you encounter an unforeseen problem when building, or if you are not sure the best way to clean your patio after the winter, just get in touch with us and we will always be available to offer you the advice you are looking for.

  • Construction Management Service: If your getting a landscape contractor to bring the design to life, but you are anxious about finding the right one, or maybe your not sure how to make sure things are running correctly. Don't worry, we will advice you on every step of the way, and make sure your asking the right questions and things are running correctly. If required, we can also set up a video meeting with the landscaper and run through the project requirements for you so they know exactly what is required on the project without you having to explain a thing. 

  • Virtual Tour Of The Whole Design: This gives you the opportunity to explore the whole landscape design, in your own time, from your own computer / iPad. You can walk round every inch of the garden, fly over head, look out of every window in your house to see how it will look. The possibilities here really are limitless.

  • 4K 360 Panoramic Tour Of The Design: Get a real feel for the scale of the design with our 4K 360 tour. Imagine Google Maps street view, but in much better quality. Have a smart phone or tablet? Well, you can view the panoramas on this device, stand in your garden and then turn around and view exactly how the design is going to look in your garden as you look around.​​

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