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A spacious design for this large garden

The garden design we produced for a beautiful house in Scotland. They had a large, blank canvas that they wanted to transform into a useable space for all the family. Being able to see the children playing from the kitchen window was number 1 on our list of design considerations, followed by numerous quirky areas to enjoy the garden.


Having a large children's play area, visible from the kitchen window was one of the main criteria for this design. To achieve this, we created a large opening in the wall to the garden and placed the play area directly in the middle of the garden, allowing for perfect view from all of the downstairs windows in the house.

A summer house was added to the side of the garden. We placed decking around the summer house to allow for loungers and chairs to be placed here. 

This creates a fantastic space to enjoy the evening sun whilst entertaining people, all while having a perfect view of the rest of the garden.


A fixed cooking area was also part of the criteria we were given. To create a truly special area in the garden we decided to add this pergola, with dining space and living space, alongside the cooking area. 

This is a perfect way to bring the inside, out, and allow the whole family to enjoy time together in the garden.

We created a hidden firepit area that can only be seen when entering under the pergola. With an effective use of foliage, we hid the firepit from the house to create a sense of mystery when discovering the new area to the garden.

The water feature adds a nice tranquil feel to the space whilst giving a nice background noise of running water.


The house had existing decking but this was only a small space, big enough for a few chairs. We extended this space right around the front of the house, allowing for the perfect space to have a morning coffee.

Adding a large porch to the front created a grand opening and guides visitors to the correct entrance. 

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