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Eastleigh Studio

Ready, Set, Grow! Your FREE Guide to the perfect DIY garden design

 The complete step-by-step checklist that will take you on the essential journey from messy garden to dream oasis! 

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Are you feeling any of the following?


Frustration and overwhelm due to the many different design options available?


Concerned that your own garden design skills will limit the potential of your project?


Anxious about your budget and if you can make it stretch to cover the whole project?


Worried that the garden you design won't be able to fulfil your needs for the future?


Envious of other people's gardens, and ultimately a bit embarrassed about your own garden?

Well Don't Worry - Get Your Hands On Our Ultimate Design Checklist

What if we told you that we could remove all of these fears? Wouldn't you like to just enjoy the process of designing your dream garden? 

For the first time, we are releasing our ultimate checklist because we believe that garden design should be accessible to everyone, and that you should be able to enjoy your own personal oasis to escape the stresses of daily life.

Included in this checklist is...

Why Should You Trust Us?

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Styled Garden

Don't waste anymore time, start the journey to your dream garden by getting your free checklist today

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