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Eastleigh Studio

From Paper to Paradise! Your FREE Workbook to Creating The Perfect Sketch Of Your New Garden!

 The easy-to-follow workbook that will take you on the essential journey of sketching your dream garden and utilising the space you have available.

Your Checklist is on the way to you right now!

This Workbook Is For You If:


You are frustrated because you have so many ideas for your garden but you just can't explain them to people


You have been looking at your tired garden all Winter and are ready to take the step to designing your garden yourself


You want to add your own special touch to your garden but you are not sure where to start or even how you will visualise it

Our workbook is specifically designed to take you from a never having sketched a layout plan to designing your own garden space - all in less than a few days!

For the first time, we are releasing our ultimate garden sketching workbook because we believe that garden design should be accessible to everyone, and that you should be able to enjoy your own personal oasis to escape the stresses of daily life.

Wild Flowers

Now Is The Time - Get Your Hands On Our Ultimate Planning Workbook

Our Workbook Allows You To...

Styled Garden

Don't waste anymore time, start the journey to your dream garden by getting your free workbook today

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